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Eric Drechsel

Arch Linux package cleanup notes

2 min read

Cleaning up your arch packages is a bit of a chore. The key document listing the pacman invocations you will need is pacman/Tips and tricks (ArchWiki).

The basic flow I use is:

  • list explicitly installed (-Qe),
  • remove (-R) any that I don't explicitly want,
  • remove orphans (pacman -Rns $(pacman -Qtdq)).

I always end up with a bunch of KDE packages installed which I find annoying because it makes my upgrades go a lot slower due to their size and frequency of update. They must be pulled in by one of my explicit installs. Time to generate some dependency graphs:

Pactree reveals that krita is pulling in all those KDE packages. Well, I want to keep krita so I guess I'll put up with them :D.

Eric Drechsel

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